The Arrival of Rhode Victoria

By Kira Káña    50 Views   7 Min Read

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It was morning, and I woke up with 3 minute apart yet painless contractions. It was strange how they were back to back, but I planned on spending the day as normal. I walked my dog, made invoices and phone calls, and decided, well if this is real, I might as well clean the whole house in case I have a baby. At 3pm, I cancelled afternoon plans just because the surges weren’t going away. Around 7pm, they started getting intense, and I felt slightly nauseous. But I still thought I had a lot of time and that it was only the beginning. My midwife said I should lay down for a nap, and 2 contractions later, my water broke. At 8pm, we casually walked past my dad and told him we’d be back later. I made John stop at a gas station for an energy drink because I assumed he’d be in with me for a long night. I brought an empty cup in case I threw up. We picked up my mom on the way there, and by that time I was pushing in the car. The midwives did not expect me to be at that point when we got there! They were rushing all over the place setting up and filling up the tub while I was squatted on the floor. I got in the tub with 2 inches of water and with the baby’s head halfway out I said “so no one’s taking pictures?!” Things were so quick, I said that I needed a break, and God gave me just that. The longest break between contractions I’d had all day. It was so peaceful and natural, and I got the chance to rest before she made her debut. At 8:31 Rhode met the world, 24 minutes after arriving at the birth center, very alert, looking everyone in the eyes. We were all, and still are, in awe of this little girl’s arrival. I felt amazing afterward, and we ate burgers for dinner. At midnight, we came home and went to bed as parents. Our daughter was born the day after my birthday, also sharing Laurel’s birthday. Thank you, God, for this gift of life.