Water Birth

Our Mission

To inspire pregnant women by serving safely and empowering faithfully through an intimate and positive experience.


Waterbirth has become very popular and we are happy to offer it as an option at our birth center! Waterbirth is considered safe for low-risk pregnancies and can provide for a more intimate and privacy birth experience. Although waterbirth can certainly make labor more enjoyable it has also been proven to have several other benefits you will love including reducing the need for pain medication, shortening labor, increasing sense of calm in labor, reducing the likelihood of tearing and easing baby’s transition from the womb to the outside world (as the baby is born into the similar warm environment found in the womb).

The Natural BirthHouse is a great option for waterbirth as we are staffed by midwives who receive specialized training in the specific conditions surrounding waterbirth. Our gorgeous birth tubs were personally chosen by our team to meet the needs of laboring women who will want space to move around and change positions during the labor process. We are equipped to monitor the mother and baby’s well-being during labor including underwater dopplers to listen to the baby’s heart rate according to national standards.