Prenatal Care

Our Mission

To inspire pregnant women by serving safely and empowering faithfully through an intimate and positive experience.

Exceptional Prenatal Care:

Our team is dedicated to providing our clients a safe modern maternity care experience infused with a strong core of traditional midwifery values. Our midwives work closely with our clients to ensure that each feels her care has been personally tailored with individualized education, evidenced based information and respect.

Prenatal appointments are scheduled with mamas like you in mind. With little to no wait time, you can expect 45 minutes of unrushed one-on-one time with your midwives to ask questions, celebrate your pregnancy and build a relationship. Our prenatal environment encourages the entire family to participate in a much-like-your-living-room style space and special toys dedicated for your littles to entertain themselves, so we can keep the focus on you.

Also during your prenatal time:

  • Appropriately scheduled appointments with very little to no wait time (really!)

  • Unrushed environment with time for you to ask questions or explore concerns you may have¬†

  • Urinalysis and routine vitals

  • Monitoring baby’s heart rate and determining its position

  • Measuring the size and growth of your uterus (fundal height)

  • Nutritional needs counseling and support

  • Lab work and ultrasounds, when appropriate

  • Professional referrals as needed (OB/GYN, chiropractor, massage therapist, doula, etc.)

  • 24-hour on-call midwife-no answering service!