Embracing Peace and Empowerment: My Journey with Midwifery Care at The Natural Birth House

By Kira Káña    176 Views   8 Min Read
Abbey Here! I wanted to share my experience with the Natural Birth House for my second rainbow baby, Everett James. My husband and I have previously experienced an epidural free birth with my first son, Gabriel, at the hospital with traditional OB care and had a wonderful experience. However, I have always kept the thought of midwifery care and a non hospital birth setting in the back of my mind.

After much prayer and discussion with several friends who had previously delivered there, we switched to The Natural Birth House during my third trimester @ 30 weeks. The amazing midwives constantly reassured me that it wasn’t too late and got up to speed quickly on my pregnancy details and medical history. Things escalated quickly for us as we found out at 37 weeks that Everett had turned transverse and was in the side lying position. The midwives were quick to reassure that there was still time for him to turn back head down and recommended positions and chiropractic care to facilitate this. After a solid two weeks of inversions, Miles Circuits, and chiropractic care, our sweet boy turned back head down. We were so thankful!

Being my second birth, I fully expected Everett to arrive early. He had different plans! 40 weeks came and went and I ended up catching the flu at 41 weeks pregnant. The highly skilled midwives were again quick to monitor how the baby was doing with safety as the top priority. Once it was determined that the baby was safe and rest is what was needed, we headed back home with the midwives and Dr. Cudihy’s blessing. Sleep and Tamiflu was all that was on the agenda for the next few days.

The day that I finished my Tamiflu, labor ended up starting at home 11 days past the due date. Our two year old was in the care of his wonderful grandparents. My husband and I were able to labor in the comfort and privacy of our home with our pup while staying in constant communication with our doula and midwife. We went to the birth house as things progressed and 4 hours later, our sweet Ev arrived at 1:49am on Jan 21st. The comfort and relaxing environment of the birth house made all the difference for the stress free and peaceful experience we had prayed and hoped for. I was able to move around freely in labor and push in whatever position felt the most natural- which ended up being on my hands and knees. My husband even caught the baby!

After snuggling and napping for a few hours, we got to head home and pick up an early morning Jet Coffee with our newest blessing. It was so great to be back home so quickly and relax without constant interruption. It was the sweetest moment to get to facetime my mom from my bed later that morning and tell her “SURPRISE! Baby Everett shares your January 21st Birthday!”

To anyone that is curious about midwifery/ birth house care, I could not recommend it more highly. These wonderful ladies are passionate about what they do and it shows in all aspects of their care. I am so thankful for the amazing experience for both myself and for my family.