A Perfect First Time Natural Birth Story

I went to bed on Sunday night, with three more days until our due date, at this point I was so anxious for labor to start. This wasn’t my first-time giving birth, but first time for a full-on natural birth. On December 11, I woke up around 1 am with consistent contractions and I got in my bathtub at home for pain management. At about 3:30 am, I woke Matthew up because the contractions were getting more intense, we called Jamie, and she told us she’d meet us at the Birth House. 4:15 am rolls around, we make it to the Birth House and my contractions are consistent. I started laboring. While being able to eat and drink while I was in labor, a few hours passed by, Jamie said if I wanted this process to speed up, I needed to switch positions on the peanut ball so our sweet girl could make her way into the birth canal. Sure enough, I switched positions, and the surges became more intense. It was about 8 am, I asked Matthew if called his boss to let him know we were having a baby. He chuckled and said of course. Not even 15 minutes later, when I was getting out of bed to stand up, Jamie came in because she knew it was time. I remember standing over the bed, repeating “I can do this”, I pushed for maybe 2 minutes, and then she was here. My amazing fiancé caught her, and our birth team took the best care of us. We took home our healthy and happy Jolie girl at 1 PM on December 11, 2023. If I could go back in time and relive that day 10 times, I would. It was the most powerful and amazing thing I have ever done. I will always be in awe of my fiancé, Matthew, for all the support and comfort he brought to me for our whole experience, and we’ll never be able to thank our birth team enough for the perfect experience we had.