Charlotte’s Birthstory


This will be a long one! But I wanted to share for anyone who cares to read. And just to encourage anyone who might be considering a midwife/birth center! I can’t sing their praises loud enough! 

11-1-23 12:00pm

My due date. I went into my midwife appt that day very discouraged. I was tired. I had been having contractions for a few weeks leading up to this and I was starting to feel like I couldn’t trust my body. 

We ended up stripping my membranes that day to see if it would help induce labor. (Thank you Bronwen! You saved my sanity!! ❤️🙌🏼), and it did! 

I labored at home for the afternoon, and once Easton was settled, Luke and I left for the birthhouse. 

11-1-23 9:00pm

My midwife checked my dilation. I was at about 3-4 centimeters. Again, I was discouraged, all I wanted was to get in the shower with the warm water, but at only 4 centimeters there was concern that the shower would slow my contractions.

11-2-23 1:00 am

I labored awhile longer and my midwife checked me again per my request, and my water broke right then. Contractions were on a whole new level and I was still at only 4 centimeters, but I was able to labor in the shower from this point on! Thank you Lord! 🙌🏼 

11-2-23 2:45 am

I started feeling pressure and the urge to push at the end of every contraction. My midwife offered to check me, and I was only at about 6-7 centimeters. I prepared myself for another few hours of labor and prayed that God would give me the strength. 

During this whole time Luke was standing behind me applying counter pressure to give me some relief during contractions. I wouldn’t have made it through without him. 

11-2-23 3:14 am

About 20 minutes later a contraction starts and all of a sudden I have a STRONG urge to push, I yell to Luke that she’s coming and he bends down behind me and catches our beautiful baby girl! 

It’s almost impossible to compare our experience at the hospital with Easton to our experience at the CajunStork at The Natural BirthHouse. They have supported and cared for me through every stage of pregnancy and postpartum. Bronwen, Kira and Jamie have all been the most incredible blessing ex to us. 

I would encourage anyone even slightly interested to just reach out for a consultation. I promise you won’t be disappointed!