A Natural Homebirth with Big Sister and Midwife Kira

By Kira Káña    141 Views   6 Min Read

Birthing Bliss: A Natural Homebirth with Midwife Kira, Guided by Big Sister’s Love

Dive into the serenity of a natural homebirth led by Midwife Kira, accentuated by the heartwarming touch of a big sister. This video encapsulates the essence of a positive birth experience, showcasing the gentle beauty of a water birth. Witness the harmonious blend of care and familial support in this empowering journey. After an extremely precipitous birth, this big sister hops into the tub to deliver her new baby sibling. It was a beautiful home birth, an easy waterbirth (even with the nuchal cord), and a JOYFUL experience! Is it a boy or girl? Check out the video to find out!