Midwife Kira and CajunStork

Emily Bergeron
Office Manager

DONA Certified Doula,

MotherBirth Co-Founder, Bach of Psychology

Her education and experience:

After graduating from UL with a bachelors of psychology in 2003, Emily worked in a variety of social service agencies serving children with behavioral disorders. She later became a DONA certified doula and began attending births locally.

Where have I seen her before?!


In 2010, she joined forces with other local doulas and co-founded MotherBirth. Through MotherBirth, she not only provided doula and placental encapsulation services, but she also created and taught childbirth education classes alongside Kira Smith (CajunStork) and Jenny Thompson including the very popular MotherBirth Comfort Measures class.

Currently, Emily is still one of the primary teachers of the Comfort Measures class and practices as an experienced doula in Acadiana. She serves clients Lake Charles through Lafayette.

Although Emily is our office manager at The Natural BirthHouse, she handles just about every task in the birth center except being the actual midwife. She even goes above and beyond her regular duties and often can provide doula-like support for our clients when an extra hand is needed. She is an incredible part of our team and we are lucky to have her!

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About Me


   My high school sweetheart, Tim, and I have been married for 16 years. We raise our little family in the country along with a mini-farm of chickens and goats. We have three children; one born in the hospital, and two born at home. Honestly, all of my births were great experiences!

   If there is anything I can tell you about me, it's that I just love birth! I always say "when I grow up, I want to be a midwife", haha. Until my kids are old enough though, I simply enjoy being involved with birth in any way I can. When I am not attending births as a doula, I get to do birth-related work at The Natural BirthHouse. I mean seriously, who would have thought restocking chux pads would be so much fun?!


Getting to love on the squishy #birthhousebabies is definitely a bonus though!