Throughout history midwives have been the experts in healthy pregnancies and normal birth. They provide compassionate, gold-standard, client-centered care to low risk women and their babies.


     Today, midwives specializing in out-of-hospital birth are both nationally certified and state licensed. Their training involves a remarkable blend of hands-on experience along with evidenced based education.


Simply put...

#TrulyNatural Birth is our Specialty!

Our birth center keeps a low client volume which provides YOU with more time for personalized care from our team!
What to expect at The BirthHouse...
Quality Care
 Respectful treatment
 Personal attention
• Plenty of information
Informed choices
• Appropriate monitoring
 Natural techniques for comfort
• Affordable birth options
• Individualized care
 Professional referrals
Trulynatural healthy birth practices
What's included in care at The BirthHouse: 
  • 24-hour Midwife on-call — Not an answering service!

  • Holistic prenatal and postpartum appointments that are 30-60 minutes in length

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Health & risk assessment with diagnostic testing and ultrasounds

  • Birth Planning

  • Breastfeeding education and support

  • Newborn care education

  • Family planning consultation

  • ....and more

Birth center birth and baby
newborn baby and dad
  • Comfortable prenatal rooms with an inviting, a home-like feel

  • Children are welcome to attend appointments

  • Appropriately scheduled appointments = very little, if any, wait time 

  • Unrushed environment with time for you to to ask questions or explore concerns you may have 


  • Urinalysis

  • Vital signs such as weight, blood pressure, etc..

  • Monitoring baby's heart rate and determining its position

  • Measuring the size and growth of your uterus (fundal height)

  • Dietary counseling 

  • Lab work and ultrasounds, when appropriate

  • Professional referrals as needed (OB/GYN, chiropractor, massage therapist, doula,  etc..)

  • 24-hour on-call midwife- no answering service!

  • Large private birthing suites with comfortable full-sized beds and plenty of space to labor freely

  • 1 acre of outdoor area available for walking during labor, if desired

  • Tubs available in each birth suite for water immersion in labor 

  • Assistance with natural techniques for comfort. Supportive environment!

  • Eat and drink in labor- NO routine IVs!

  • Deliver in whatever position you feel comfortable in

  • Delayed cord clamping, first hours uninterrupted skin-to-skin and dim lights for baby are all routine

  • Dad can be hands-on during the birth, if he chooses!


  • Evaluating fetal heart tones

  • Monitoring of vital signs

  • Vaginal exams, if necessary

  • Delivery of the baby in a warm, calm birthing environment

  • Perineal inspection and repair, if necessary

  • Complete newborn exam including weight, measurements, vital signs, etc..and administration of newborn medications

  • Emergency medical equipment available including IV fluids, medications for bleeding, oxygen and resuscitation equipment for both mom and baby, Lidocain also available for laceration repairs.

  • CPR and NRP certified 

  • Homeopathics, herbs and essential oils available for non-emergencies

  • In the instance that you or baby may require more extensive medical attention, timely transport will be initiated and your midwife will accompany you to the hospital

  • Return home the same day you deliver your baby with ample support from our staff!
  • Phone calls, home visits (Acadiana) and office visits to ensure a successful and supported transition into motherhood 
    • Day 1 phone call
    • Day 1-2 visit
    • Day 2-4 phone call
    • Day 7-10 visit
    • 6 Week visit
    • any other visits as necessary with no additional charges
  • Mom and baby vitals, emotional assessments, breastfeeding assessment, ample time to ask questions or explore concerns you may have
  • Professional referrals as necessary, including lactation support and postpartum depression screening
  • Filing for the birth certificate and social security card
  • Pediatric referral form- PKU and hearing screen
  • Super-bill provided for insurance filing
Maternity picture of beautiful pregnant woman
Homebirth with mom, dad and baby girl
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