Come and experience the joy of a truly natural birth.
Pretty pregnant belly
Newborn baby girl

   Truthfully, there are just not a whole lot of experiences as amazing as those of birthing your sweet babies.  It's time to choose a birthing environment that is gentle and supportive during such a special moment in your life.

    We know you will be surprised at how much more The Natural BirthHouse has to offer than just a comfortable environment to deliver your baby in! Imagine having no wait time, 30+ minute one-on-one prenatal appointments; an environment that encourages your older children to participate; being able to call your care provider directly when you have concerns; having no strangers involved in your care, etc... 

    And let's not forget, women who deliver under the care of our midwives at The Natural BirthHouse can expect phone calls, frequent home visits, and ongoing breastfeeding support!


    It really is a beautiful thing to LOVE your birth experience! Feeling safe and supported during this incredible time in your life is just one of the many ways The Natural BirthHouse will help you to have the joyful birth experience you have been searching for.

Take your first step into a more joyous birth experience. It's time to consider a birth center.